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“The deal I got was awesome. Everything was shipped fast, and the staff’s recommendations for other items were spot on. I got tailgate seals and some seat covers with my tonneau cover for the price I would have paid for just the cover” – Michael

Fred’s Truck Accessories & Trailers

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Fisher Friendly Location!

This store is ideal for pickup truck owners who may feel crafty, hungry, and even creative at times! You can easily access this location by traveling down 103rd St. toward Fishing Creek to reach this destination. It is located across the street from Rowe’s Supermarket so that you do not have to go far in case you are in need of something while visiting the store. This location is also ideal for fishermen who may be seeking the ultimate fishing trip!

Fishing Creek is a nice place to catch speckled trout, snapper, flounder, redfish, sea trout and other tasty varieties. It’s never too late to make your truck the ideal fisher tool on wheels. Who needs a boat when you have the perfect bedding that creates a relaxing and fishing-friendly environment? Our accessories can help you to practically change your truck bed into a kitchen. It’s okay. We aren’t biased against boats. On your way to your perfect fishing quest, you can purchase something from our hitches and towing selection. We have some of the most durable accessories that can secure your boat and other heavy-duty equipment safely on the back of your sweet ride.

Other Places to Enhance Your Ride!

We understand you want to be eco-friendly and save your gas. You may even want to save time! Well, that’s extremely possible if you visit our location! Not only are we located next to a really nice lake and supermarket but we are surrounded by anything that could enhance your customizing or building process. Keep reading to find out specifics pertaining to this location and its advantages.

Make Moving a Simple Process

We value our customers. We go above and beyond to increase their ability to see you again, the next time you need another upgrade for your truck. Here is a list of types truck owners we help.

We Can Help You

  • Moving Companies- If you are stopping by to enhance your truck bed so that you can carry and move as needed, we are eight miles ahead of you. You can drive a short distance down 103rd street toward interstate 295 to arrive at this helpful place. Our crew is available and has advice to help your business.
  • Storage Facilities- Storage facilities are also a big help. You can pack your truck bed full of your valuables and move them into a safe and secure place that is nearby.
  • Supermarkets and Warehouses- These places can be a trucker’s haven when traveling with goods or other business-based content. This means that our location is also a good place to visit if you are tailgating! We understand the exciting memories that can be made when you have the perfect truck and the perfect location! We want to help direct you into your ultimate cheering destination after you improve your truck!
  • GlassDoor Installations and Auto Stores- These can be the perfect places to visit when engaging in the process of customizing your truck! The nearby Glass Doctor can help you fix or tent your windows to have the perfect shade! If you need extra supplies, that’s completely fine! The local auto supplies store probably has everything you need and more to make sure that your project is done as soon as possible!
  • Places to Shop- If you have a passion for fashion or other buyable items then it would save you money and time to stop at our store first! Equip your truck with sturdy accessories and additions that can make shopping an extreme sport! With our products and supplies, you can go on the ultimate shopping spree! Your truck’s new compartments and functions can fit so many shopping bags in it that your closet may need more space!
  • Restaurants, Food, and Adventure- Florida is filled with tons of foods and culture that make it one of the most exciting places to eat! You can have so much fun visiting some of the best restaurants. There are places for chicken wings, Chinese cuisine and more! You can match your eating experience and your trucking project together so that they can coincide to make the perfect day! There is also a water park and family adventure site that can help you to put your truck to good use!

Our staff will give you some of the best advice and service for your truck upgrades. A proper truck accessorizing process takes a mixture of professional input and owner creativity to ensure that the final result is an accurate representation of the driver and A model for superb quality. We’ve got you covered!

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