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“Thanks Peter… I love my new cover and it was pretty easy to install… even this Gramma had it installed in a little over an hour… you guys are the best… I’m sure my Son-in-law will be getting one soon… thanks for the super fast shipping!”

Fred’s Truck Accessories & Trailers

If you can’t make it to our first location, then do not worry! You can visit this one and have a good experience as well! Our Beach Boulevard location is also filled with helpful and convenient surroundings and advantages! You will experience a lot of the same features as you would with the last location. Our lively truckers were definitely considered when we chose this location. You can access this location by riding along Beach Boulevard toward the parental home road and you will see your destination. Our stores are also the perfect fit for truckers who may be serious about becoming licensed truckers or engaging in other forms of the trucking business. We can help you to turn your truck into the ideal commercial vehicle that helps to improve your cash flow and overall business techniques. 

Heavy Duty Friendly Places

We know why you chose to get a truck! Not only is it the best vehicle on wheels but it is also the biggest! When you travel with a truck, you give yourself the advantage of having a simple commercial good or a business on wheels! Our locations can help you with that as well! There are places nearby that cater to repair and other alterations for your precious truck.

DO not think that we discriminate against other vehicle needs just because we specialize in truck accessories! There are motorcycle shops and other places that can help you make sure that your vehicles and other machines are up and running exactly the way that you need them to!

Create Your Bowler’s Truck!

Are you a top player in the bowling league and proud of it!? Well, we can help you take it to the next level at this location. There are multiple bowling alleys available for you to go and roll your greatest bowl after you finish accessorizing your truck to hold your lucky ball collection! We can instruct you about exactly how your truck can be equipt and prepared to carry those fragile rolling pieces of fun!

You can take on the role as the bowling ball salesperson who brings some of the best bowling balls to your fellow bowlers. We could help you to make your truck a thriving store on wheels or any other form of vehicle that would fit your bowling needs! We could make sure that your compartments are well adjusted and your valuables are protected from many forms of danger. 

Hunters Are Welcome!

Your gun isn’t the only device that you should keep on safety lock. Your truck is sometimes your gun’s first defense against intruders. This means that you need a good bed and bedding system. Our store can definitely help you with that. Our staff can advise you about some of the most hunter friendly accessories and appliances that can keep your hunter supplies safe from introducers and from hurting others. 

We are very passionate about helping people feel secure and well equipped. Our products and accessories can be the perfect fit for your guns and hunting accessories. When you travel on the road, you want to make sure that everything will stay into place and accidents can’t happen. We have so many applications that can help you while changing your hunting vehicle to make sure that it is one of the safest places to put your supplies.

Make An Ultimate Gym Getaway Vehicle

Are your pecks as hard as your bumper? We understand how important your health and strength can be. The fitness industry is a booming sensation that is rapidly changing and progressing. Your truck is no exception. Your mobile equipment necessities for the most complex and intense workouts can all fit into your truck! Our staff will be willing to help you create the ultimate truck for your ultimate gym membership. Just like the body, there are compartments that your truck can possess that makes a huge difference in your daily performance and results. Lets us help you make sure that you are putting your truck to use at its full capacity.

SuperMarkets And Auto Shops

Of course, we made sure that there are convenient stores and markets that can cater to your major and minor needs. The selection of stores is also very diverse and can appeal to a large variety of needs and interests. For example, you may need an extra screw or adhesive in order to get the necessary help and advisory for your accessory aspirations. Our specialist can give you precise directions and guidance for purchases, deals, quality, and more. When you leave our store, we expect you to be satisfied and educated about your truck or vehicle’s new upgrades.

Restaurants and Hangout Spots

Come and visit us if you are planning a good time! Our store is located near some of the best restaurants and places to relax and talk or eat and have a ball! The local parks can be the perfect destination for you. Our locations are safe and community rich so you can avoid negative experiences and situations. You can feel free to plan nice outings with your family or even a trip to the beach! We can help you to customize your truck so that it is the perfect beach ride that helps you and your company to have the best experience as possible. 

Another Fisher Friendly Location

Fishermen and women are some of our favorite customers because they can be so creative and inspirational when it comes to their truck’s purpose and its functions. We are ready and willing to listen to your exact requests and directions pertaining to your truck upgrades will look just how you want. 

There are many different uses for customized trucks and vehicles. If we did not mention your specifics needs please feel free to use our products in any way that you feel is necessary. 

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Fred’s Truck Accessories & Trailers

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