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Why Apply A Spray-in Bedliner?

A spray-in Bedliner will make your truck bed more: 

Durable: Lining your truck bed will protect it against scratches, nicks, and everyday wear and tear. It will also be protected from common chemicals and solvents.

Temperature resistant: A liner will make your truck bed tough enough to withstand hot and cold temperatures. You’ll be able to keep it protected all year round.

Slip-resistant: A spray-in liner will add more grip to your truck bed. This will keep your supplies in one place while driving.

Stylish: Truck bed liners are a great way to make your truck bed look brand new (and stay looking new!)

Before Applying Rockhard Spray

What’s The Key Benefit?

Put simply, there is one key benefit to buying a spray-in liner for your truck bed: peace of mind.

Once you’ve got a spray-in liner, you’ll never again have to worry about floor damage caused by water or chemical spill.

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What’s The Cost?

Our spray-in bed liners start at $389.

Prices vary from truck to truck, so get in contact for a quote based on your personal vehicle.

After Applying Rockhard Spray

Why Choose Fred’s?

We put customer satisfaction above all else.

The team: Our expert team is made up of experienced Bedliner sprayers. Together, they have been spraying Jacksonville’s top trucks and jeeps for decades.

The product: The brand of Bedliner that we use is called Rockhard Bedliner.

Rockhard Bedliners feature an unbeatable VOC-free, rock hard, plural component polyurea. This material creates an impenetrable blanket that protects your truck and seamlessly serves as a three-dimensional barrier against rust.

Our liners aren’t just for trucks. We also offer protection for all recreational vehicles, boats, waterproofing, trailers, garage floors, roofs, holding tanks, industrial equipment, sound dampening, and speaker boxes.

The guarantee: You’ll get a lifetime warranty on your RockHard liner, so there’s absolutely nothing to lose! Our product is guaranteed to resist all kinds of damage and avoid cracks, bubbles, and flakes.

We can not be beaten on durability, protection, and aesthetics

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